A Revolution in Rheumatology began, in earnest, at the dawn of the new millennium with the approval of a brand-new class of medications that, for the first time, were able to target specific aspects of inflammation within cells.  ARBDA’s founding partners were far ahead of the curve in seeing the potential for these new medicines to completely change the landscape of how many inflammatory diseases are treated.  ARBDA was the first, Independent, Rheumatology practice in South Jersey to provide patients with In-Office infusions.

Focus on an IV drip used for infusion services in New JerseyARBDA completed it’s first infusion in 2001 … and 18 years later, our 6 infusion centers throughout New Jersey complete more than 11,000 infusions per year.  Through our new IDYLLIC Infusion Treatment Center – we are able to provide the same comfort and convenience to our own rheumatology patients as well as those referred from other specialty physicians for therapy.

Specialists and primary care physicians have long entrusted us with the care of their patients who require complex biologic medications and other types of recurrent parenteral drug therapies. Our new name better captures our commitment to improving the lives of all patients – not just those living with rheumatologic disorders.

Treatment provided at IDYLLIC INFUSION CENTERS generally costs less for both the patient and insurer than equivalent care provided in an outpatient hospital setting. Our clinical staff will continue to serve with the same level of expertise, safety and attention that you’ve come to expect.